The Addiction to Scrapbooking

My Addiction to Scrapbooking began when a friend introduced me to it during the time when my mother had just passed away and I had also just had our first child who was 3 months old. It was such a great way to keep me busy and occupied to keep my mind off the loss of my mother but yet also giving me a way to make time for myself, which busy new moms so often forget to make.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Won My First Blog Candy!

I am so excited.  I got back from the Gym tonight and got on FB and had a message from a friend for me to Check one of the Blogs I follow and low and behold I won her Blog Candy this week!  I am so excited to be getting new scrapbooking supplies.  Makes me want to scrapbook!   Can't wait to get it.  When I receive it.  I will post a picture on here and see what I can make out of it.  Thanks so much!  Here is the link where I won the Blog Candy.  Wendy has such Beautiful and Unique Pages on her Blog.  I love looking at her Blog and getting ideas from her and the other ladies Blogs that I follow.  I also learned a new Scrapbooking Technique from Kelly Messer who also has a scrapbook Blog that I follow.   Well at least I call it a scrapbooking Technique, its called Scrap Lifting and I have Scrap Lifted Several Pages from Kelly and Wendy.  Thanks Ladies for the wonderful Ideas.  So very Excited.  I copied this picture from Wendy's Blog.  I believe that this is what I won.   Can't wait to see it in person.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Journey in the Life of Scrapbooking........

Wow! I must say that in the past 4 years that I have not been scrapbooking things have kept moving right along without me. Maybe its really Longer than 4 years. Not sure, but I am back and loving it as much as before.

The Reason you may ask, WHY? Why have I been away for so long. Our Newest Additions to our family arrived almost 3 years ago, and during the time of being pregnant we moved, and then was very busy getting ready for their arrival. So Scrapbooking had not been on my list of High Priorities. Well then after their arrival. I have done very very minimal scrapbooking! To say the least. So I am very very behind. But I think that goes along with scrapbooking. Are you ever caught up with it. I don't know anyone who is. Maybe that is the beauty of it.

So anyway this is where I will be posting my Scrapbook pages that I complete. Moving forward.